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The Situation

Southern Lakes Plumbing and Heating is an established plumbing and HVAC company in South Eastern Wisconsin. Known for its reliability, high quality of work, and commitment to their community, the company maintains a faithful customer base while continuing to expand.

Southern Lakes enlisted our help to redesign their digital experience in a way that reflected the level of craftsmanship found in their service. They were looking to make simple upgrades to their website while staying within a smaller budget. Revamping the out-dated, disjointed user experience, we provided a site intended to improve their digital identity, grow conversion rates, and better communicate the value that Southern Lakes has to offer.

Southern Lakes Plumbing and Heating Homepage


We completely transformed Southern Lake’s digital experience to create a simple, approachable, and elegant feel. The client wanted to reuse their existing branding and content as a steering point for the updates to stay within budget.

To build their site, we used a modern technology stack that allowed for complete customization and quick turnaround time when building the site. Also, the chosen website build embodies a “hands-off” approach. Meaning that the client receives their form submissions and the information they want, while we can effectively manage all of the website’s technical aspects remotely.

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Mobile Screen Design
Mobile Screen Design
Mobile Screen Design

Digital Strategy

Southern Lakes offers a variety of services for both repairs and new construction. They work within plumbing, HVAC, septics, and sewer systems. Without creating an overly dense and complex site, we wanted to make it simple to understand their offering and even simpler to get in touch with them.

We included more CTAs, multiple call and email links, and contact information throughout the site. Beyond making it easier to connect, we completely renovated the look of the site. Anyone searching for a plumber in our area will be pleasantly surprised to come across such a usable, well-designed site. Not only will their aesthetic stand out in the sea of online search results, but the newly implemented structure will promote improved SEO, performance, and accessibility. Before upgrading their site, Southern Lakes was a great company that did high-quality work. However, their website now provides a seamless user experience with the same touch of elegance and craftsmanship found in their physical jobs.

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