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The Situation

G&S Construction is a custom home builder in Southeastern Wisconsin. Located outside of Lake Geneva, they face a healthy competition level from other builders in the surrounding regions. G&S differentiates itself, to a degree, by specializing in new construction and large-scale remodeling. Every builder in this category is trying to outclass the competition through craftsmanship, reliability, and elegance. While many of the local builders construct beautiful homes, they fail to inspire consumers through their internet presence, the first place they are found.

G&S approached Stilling to help renovate their digital appearance with an end goal of getting more work. As a small company, their budget was limited. With that, the people behind G&S are always on-the-go, so having time to manage and update things like their website was not likely.

An interior by G&S


Simple right? Build something beautiful for a company that makes beautiful things, and people should flock... While it would be great if things were that simple, they never are. Through captivating photography, elegant design, and a simple, sustainable digital strategy, Stilling helped G&S reach their goals.


The homes that are built or renovated by G&S speak for themselves. We made it our job to accurately capture and showcase their beautiful work through a digital lens. We worked with their team to set up photoshoots at past and current client's homes.

Elegant Ranch Home
Large Wooded House
Rustic Entryway
Doorway in the Morning
Cozy Kitchen
Spacious Outdoor Living
Rustic Kitchen
Elegant Bathroom
Wooded Porch

G&S is doing some of their best work now. This provided some challenges when capturing photography since many of the projects we photographed were still in progress. To create a unified, complete look across the photos, we edited hundreds of photos, often cleaning up features like landscaping and driveways (via Photoshop).


The key to elevating G&S above their competition was nailing the visual communication expressed on their digital platforms. We often see companies that provide top-notch services and products brought down by messy and dysfunctional digital design. Stilling kept the design and UX simple to let G&S's work shine. From the color scheme to the typography, we structured the visuals to radiate elegance, reliability, and craftsmanship. See the website here.

G&S Landing Page
G&S Customer Review
G&S Project Feature
G&S Introduction

Digital Strategy

G&S's most effective form of marketing and advertising has always been word of mouth. For purchases as large and personal as a new home or major remodel, it's hard to gain enough trust from something like a website or social media account. We approached the digital strategy with this in mind. Rather than talk about G&S too much, we wanted to engage and encourage people to take the first step in building an in-person relationship.

The first step was to make getting in contact with G&S as quick and painless as possible. We made multiple call and email links on the website and set up easily accessible contact information on their social accounts. Lastly, we created new accounts on platforms like Houzz and Google My Business to meet consumers where they were searching.

On any of the above platforms, it was necessary to compel people to take the step of contacting G&S. This is where the design and photography mentioned earlier came in. When it comes to aesthetics, G&S outclasses any of their competitors on the digital front. Between the modern, clean feel of the site and the captivating imagery spread across their social channels, G&S continues to be the first call of many people seeking a builder in the Greater Walworth County Area.

An interior by G&S

The Results

After working with G&S in 2018, calls and emails began pouring into their phones and inboxes. They were also awarded The Best General Contractor of Elkhorn the following year (2019). As needed, Stilling continues to help G&S grow their business and show off their stunning work.

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