WTF is Stilling?

Never heard of Stilling before? That's okay! We're new. Stilling is a design studio founded by Kerry and Mike Stilling. We help integrate design into a company's foundation by creating visual tools that enhance communication, experience, and process for both consumers and employees. Rather than wild, abstract ideas, our creative centers around a product or service's value to its consumer. Below, we'll dive deeper into the details of everything that is Stilling.

Our team

Kerry and I (Mike) are a wife and husband duo based outside of Whitewater, Wisconsin. After working in the industry, we saw that our design skills stood out. We started Stilling to share our skillset with a wider variety of clients that we could connect with on a more personal level.

If our studio seems a little small for your huge project, give us a shot. We have a sort of farm-raised resourcefulness that allows us to handle even the most challenging projects. Our size allows us to collaborate and utilize a variety of professionals to make sure we have the right people working on the right projects. For instance, while a large team may have a designer that they have to utilize, we can join forces with a freelancer who specializes in the specific style we're trying to achieve. This flexible team strategy allows us to work more efficiently, while also meeting the unique demands of each of our clients.

Kerry Stilling with her dogs

Kerry and the dogs exploring the Kettle.

Kerry Stilling

Kerry is the brains behind this whole operation. She grew up in sunny Southern California (Palm Springs to be specific) and moved out to Wisconsin just before her teenage years. In her spare time, she can be found trying out an amazing new recipe, messing around with beauty products, or (most likely) playing with her dogs. She brings a wealth of marketing and advertising knowledge from the client-side while also being able to dive deeply into analytics, social strategy, and design.

Mike Stilling riding a tree

Mike riding a tree in Door County.

Mike Stilling

Mike is a designer and developer. Before hopping into the design industry, Mike raised beef cattle on his family's farm in Southeastern Wisconsin and also worked construction. Since making the change, he has worked on brands like Culver's, MillerCoors, Intel, and Nissan (to name a few). When it comes to skills, Mike is what they call a "unicorn." Whether it's coding up a website, creating motion graphics, building a 3D model, designing a brand, or pretty much anything else, Mike has it covered (including advice on a leaky foundation).

What we do

As a design studio, we help build brands. Our first focus is on the quality of our work. Rather than taking a deep dive into the concept and ideation of a campaign, we keep things simple. We research industries and consumers to find the relevant ways that a company fits in. Our creative then circles around that unique connection. By elevating utility instead of trying to be witty, our solutions enhance a brand's authenticity.

Design quality and craft

The approach to our business is simple. We offer a higher quality service than our competitors. Since our service is design, that means our products are going to look, feel, and function better. We're not here to tell stories or lead thoughts. We're here to make cool shit that matters to consumers.

Keeping it simple

Commercial storytellers face a huge challenge. They are competing with stories being told by real storytellers on Netflix, Hulu, and so on. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your company's story probably doesn't hold up against Tiger King. That's okay though! Consumers aren't looking to your organization for personal entertainment. Generally, consumers are looking for a simple solution to their problem. This is why Stilling focuses on utility. We believe the reason a company is useful should be at the foundation of every company's marketing efforts. To solve your consumer's problems is simple, give them clear and concise answers.

The Future

Stilling just started, so we're not going to try to define ourselves entirely. We're here to transform and evolve with the ever-changing world around us. We're not perfect, but we're devoted to learning and always open to listening. Just like you, we'll never give up at trying to be better.

Our goal is simple. We make cool shit for good companies. While cool may seem bland, it's not. Just think of the last time you said it... Cool things look great, function flawlessly, and effortlessly fit into our lives. When it comes to good companies, pretty much it just can't be bad. Stagnant is the opposite of Stilling. If your company truly cares about its employees, product/service, consumers, and being better, hit us up. We would love to work with you.

But, personally...

We would like to play with cute animals and go explore nature for the rest of forever. Maybe some cows and a red barn, with some stray cats hanging around... Where the dogs can run around without any fences. Oh, and a pool... Kerry really wants a pool.

Thank you! Seriously.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. We sincerely appreciate your interest in us and what we're doing. We couldn't do it without you.

If you'd like to chat, start a project, or just make some new connections, please reach out! Here are the links to our LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and email.

(Apologies if that last bit was super cheesy.)