What Will a New Website Cost?

I will cut to the chase right away with an answer you may not want to hear. But the truth is – It depends. Now you may be thinking, “okay, that doesn’t help me.” Rest assured, it should, and we’ll cover that throughout this article.

If you continue reading, I’ll explain how knowing this information, having a budget, and understanding the key features and functionality you need in a website will get you the best result for a price you can live with!

Price matters. We get that.

In most situations, this is the first question that we receive from a client. Having worked as a marketing professional for years, I understand the importance of knowing this information. There are budgets to meet, and many companies that offer digital and design services. Pricing is an essential factor that you want to use to distinguish providers and find the best match for your company.

Also, as the person researching a new website, you most likely have someone sitting in a bigger office to report to, and the cost is one of their main concerns. However, being in charge of your company’s marketing, you also realize that your company is unique and has needs and goals that vary from the next company. That is something you cannot lose sight of throughout your search, or you might as well throw your new website investment in the trash. We completely agree that the price matters, but it shouldn’t be the single deciding factor in your search.

The Problem with Base Pricing Structures

Immediate gratification is sometimes what I live for. Impulse buys, eating a few Oreos instead of making a civilized meal – the list goes on. But think, is this how I want to vet a critical investment and sales tool for my company?

Many companies may give you a price right away. When you hear that number, you probably think (*including me*) “Phew.” Then you sit that figure in a spreadsheet so you can tell your boss and get back to scrolling through your Instagram feed. 😜

Whether or not you like this motto – good things don’t always come easily. If an agency or studio has a base pricing structure that they can share immediately – you are being put into a box. For other investments, we would never accept this.

Think about it this way. If you are shopping for used cars, do you want every 2016 F-150 to cost you $28,000? That could be a steal for one truck, but say you are the unlucky sucker who gets a rusted-up truck with 150,000+ miles. Then that price honestly sucks, and you will probably spend double in the long run when you’re constantly repairing or replacing it.

It Is Not About Withholding Information, But Understanding What You Need

Let’s agree it is cool to be aloof, mysterious, and withholding if you’re the badass detective, Olivia Benson. Don’t get confused, though – that is not our motive (we do want you to think we’re cool, though!) Like my heading says, it is not about withholding information from you.

We want to give you pricing information quickly and responsively, but we need to do our research first into your specific needs and goals within the project. We want to provide you with a price, but to do so, we have to first understand:

How much content is needed?

Many times, this affects the number of pages you will have and the overall size of the website. The size is a primary consideration because this determines the time to design and build the site.

What features will be included?

Why do you need a website? Do you need to have ecommerce capabilities or blogging? These factors indicate the platform that your site must be built on.

It would help if you also considered what approach your team would take in managing the website. Do they want us to handle everything from changes to posting and maintenance? Or do you want to have the ability to edit your site? We have clients who have done both, and we are happy to take either route, but this information will help us inform you on the pricing.

What is your ideal budget?

We also need to know your budget. If you have a very low budget and want to have all of the bells and whistles, it is not impossible, but it may require some workarounds. Although, in most cases, we can work very easily within your budget to give you a great solution. There are several website platforms that we can choose from to find the best middle ground between your needs and the desired price.

Any additional needs to be met?

When you are looking to get a new website, this is a great time to audit the rest of your look. Do you need to refresh your branding, generate new content, or take new photos? We can help with all of these things.

Under-Promise & Over-Deliver… Or was it Over Price and Under Deliver?

Woah, Woah – Hold your horses! Not at Stilling. But, elsewhere, maybe.

This is something to beware of when you get a cookie-cutter price right off of the bat from a service provider. Our goal is to find a price you are comfortable with, which allows us to deliver the capabilities you need to exceed your expectations. We want to give you a price and begin a project for you, but first, we have a few questions to ask to ensure we’re a great fit.

We do need to make a living, so our work is not free. However, we design because we are passionate about it, and it is something that we love doing. If you are looking for a churn and burn templated solution, that is okay, but we are not your match.

Thank you for taking the time to read our rambling, and I hope it answered your questions. Please reach out if you do have any additional questions or comments on what we’ve written. Furthermore, if there are other subjects you’d like to learn or read about within our wheelhouse, we love suggestions.

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